Vintage Coins, Collectables and Memories

When I was 6 years old my grandfather presented me with a Morgan Silver Dollar dated 1900. It was not the silver or the weight of the coin that impressed me, it was the number 1900. My imagination kicked in. Who had held this coin? A cowboy might had this coin in his pocket when he went to town, purchased something at the Dry Goods store and the owner put it in his pocket and drove home in his model T Ford. What presidents held this coin? How many hands did it pass through before resting in my palm?

It was my wife indirectly who introduced me to Great Britain coins. As I watched shows with my wife she started telling about Great Britain Monarchs and how the upper class lived.

Collectable coins hold two purposes: the investment value and memories. Collectables are more about memories and less about investment value even though some Collectables increase in value with time. Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or Collectables with Memories. It is my goal with this shop to make this available for my customers. The coin you see is the coin you get: I don't use any photo enhancing. I just snap close-up photos with my basic cell phone camera. I don't polish my coins because it decreases the value. If the coin is a circulated coin, it will have some level of natural patina that old, circulated coins acquire.

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